Welcome to the New Zealand Taxi Federation



Welcome to the New Zealand Taxi Federation. Here you will be able to locate the leading providers of taxi and specialised transport services throughout New Zealand.

You will be able to read the latest news affecting the taxi industry, read about the benefits of becoming a member, the rights of passengers and drivers and the commitment of NZ Taxi Federation approved providers to give you the best possible service. Of special note are services such as special needs, meet and greet, maxi taxi and tours.

The New Zealand Taxi Federation (its full name is the New Zealand Taxi Federation and Limousine and Shuttle Association) is an incorporated society whose primary objective is the promotion of quality management and service in the passenger service industry throughout New Zealand.

Member organisations include taxi organisations, limousine services and shuttle services across the country. The range of member organisations include co-operatives with 700 plus taxis to single unit operators providing specialised niche services. The vehicles available from members include sedans, limousines, wheelchair access vans and cars, minibuses and others. Our members travel an estimated 30 million kilometres a year and carry over 60 million passengers. Our member organisations pride themselves on meeting quality levels which include vehicle standards and driver training.


Our mission is to help members provide efficient and economic passenger transport services to meet the needs of the travelling public, and to be the advocate of the operators of for-hire services (taxis, limousines, total mobility services and shuttles) at national and local levels.


  • We aim to gather, keep, analyse and distribute data so members can measure their performance against industry standards.

  • We will assist members with advice and information designed to enhance their performance.

  • We will use the purchasing power of the membership to negotiate buying privileges for members.

  • We will collect and disseminate information for the benefit of members.

  • We will advance the image of members by the dissemination of consistent and accurate information on the role and the contribution of members to the transportation task in their region.

  • We will advocate on behalf of members for sensible and practical law governing the operation of their services and its equitable enforcement.

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